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 Magic Fridge
This is a drop off service and makes an excellent gift for newlyweds, new parents, new home move in, house warming, Dad’s weekend with the kids, elderly friends and family members.

Client enters the kitchen and finds the the pantry and fridge filled with kitchen staples such as milk, juice, fresh fruit, bread, deli meats, chips, and dips, frozen meats and vegetables.*  Also includes one fully prepared meal in the refrigerator. (4 servings)

Magic Fridge
(Groceries and fresh fruit prep only / without prepared meal)

Chef for A Day
Grocery Shopping, In-home meal prep and full service.*

Chef will come to your home, prepare lunch and serve it fresh or store it in your refrigerator. The chef will immediately start preparing dinner and also serve it or store it fresh that evening.
Chef will grocery shop, prepare the meal, serve and clean your kitchen.
Up to 6 guest

*Does not Include groceries
(no substitutions)

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