@MsEugeena Interviews Chef Hardette Harris (@chefhdharris), owner of Private Chef Services

401040_2225881826442_2000448518_nThis is my second interview. I’m very excited to introduce you to culinary concierge, Chef Hardette Harris (@chefhdharris), owner of Private Chef Services in Minder, Louisiana. Chef Harris has worked throughout the South as a personal and private chef. She has expanded her services to provide specialized chef services apart from cooking. She is also a culinary lifestyle expert, who is an excellent resource for home cooks of all ages, but I think she would be great for older people like me.

EUGEENA [ME]: Chef Harris, you are a culinary lifestyle expert and concierge. What exactly does that mean?

CHEF HARRIS: I assist people with fast-paced careers and lifestyles with everything from grocery shopping to food preparation to how to eat well while traveling. Think of me as a “Culinary Personal Assistant.”

[ME]: Now, you’ve worked for some very affluent and influential people over the years. What are some of the things you’ve learned that someone like me, a regular woman, can use in her kitchen?

CHEF HARRIS: Don’t keep everything. Throwing things away is not always waste. Maintaining a clutter-free kitchen, refrigerator and pantry allows you to see what you have. Have you ever walked in the kitchen to cook but had no idea what to make? When you can easily see what you have in the pantry and in the freezer, it makes it so much easier to prepare a “quick” meal.

I’m sure you will agree, tearing up your kitchen looking for your favorite spatula or sauté pan will frustrate you enough to say “forget it” and not cook at all.

EUGEENA [ME]: So, a private chef doesn’t have to cook, right? There are other ways people on any budget can utilize your high-end services, right? Can you give us some examples, please?

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