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I am in denial about young women and men not knowing how to cook at all. So, I will be teaching basic casual cooking techniques. Ex: How to-cut up a chicken, fry a chicken, cook rice, make mashed potatoes from scratch, cook southern classics like cornbread and greens, prepare a steak on the stove, fresh vegetables and much more. Check out some of the packages below. 


Classes are for Two
(each additional guest $25 Maximum 6)

Packages range from $100 -$150 and include groceries 

How to prepare:

Chicken Dinner
cut up a whole chicken
stuffed chicken breast or oven roasted
fresh vegetable
rice, potato or pasta dish

Steak Dinner
rice or potato dish
2 fresh vegetables

Soul Food Dinner
smothered pork chops
macaroni and cheese
hot water cornbread
baked sweet potato

“Us Up North” Dinner
fried Catfish or Chicken
cole slaw
fresh peas or greens
hot water cornbread

Italian Dinner
carbonara or
spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce instead of jar sauce
insalata caprese
dipping oil for bread

Mexican Dinner
enchilada sauce
pico de gallo
roast peppers
taco shells

bacon or sausage
french toast
simple omelet

Add On’s
How to:
cook rice
prepare fresh vegetables
basic knife skills (onions, garlic, celery, carrots)
prepare a basic salad dressing
reading and comprehending recipes
make macaroni and cheese from scratch
prepare hot water cornbread
cut up chicken
roast a chicken
fry chicken

If you are interested in this class or your spouse or S/O needs this class, email your name and tel no. to yourchefconcierge@gmail.com. Each week I will randomly select couples and contact them to set up a date. Classes should last 1 1/2 hr to 2 hours.  Your interest and contact information will be kept confidential.

More information coming soon. If you are interested contact me at 318-639-0022  or email me at yourchefconcierge@gmail.com.


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