September 19, 2013: The Mother Love Show

411097_243954515719788_1906681629_oChef Hardette Harris, calls in from Louisiana to share her passion for cooking for others as a personal chef.

About Chef Harris
Fifteen years and hundreds of culinary experiences later, Chef Hardette Harris is taking every second of her professional knowledge as a private personal chef to educate and assist people in making the most of their lives with food. The native of Minden, Louisiana has spent the better part of her career in Texas working with families on any number of projects from improving their nutritional intake to organizing their kitchens to preparing foods used to be better home cooks.

She says, “Home cooking is the basis for all culinary genres including gourmet.” Chef Harris premises that foods served in expensive restaurants are all rooted in someone’s home experimentation, so she works to teach private clients how to make the most of their food budgets and above all, their time constraints.

Hardette Harris grew up in a busy home with two working parents who maintained some of the culinary disciplines from their own upbringings. Hardette and her siblings had regular food chores along with their household duties. The Harris children were the family’s sous chefs. Hardette recalls fondly sitting on the porch shelling purple hull peas as a part of her obligations. Author and former White House aide Adrian Miller not only interviewed her for his recent book Soul Food: The Surprising Story of an American Cuisine, One Plate at a Time but also included her grandmother’s purple hull pea recipes.

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