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The Dream Dinner – January 2014

soulfoodbookI am private chef and Minden, Louisiana native Hardette Harris. I’m incredibly excited about my first chef’s table in my hometown featuring the incomparable Mr. Adrian Miller. My desire is to celebrate the reverend Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday with food, great conversation and wonderful company. This is what you can expect:

  • A menu prepared by me and delicious food indigenous to our area prepared by some of the wonderful residents of Minden.
  • The setting of The Farm, a property of Cultural Crossroads, a historic property once belonging to the late bridge builder Zenobia Camp West, who donated the space to bridge the racial divide in our town. Her spirit will be at that table too.
  • An opportunity to participate in a conversation about making our community better with someone who can help us see ourselves as a part of the big picture – the rest of the world.

This is THE DREAM DINNER.  It is my hope that you will join me for this historical event and my plans to hold this family style celebration every year for years to come. Best to you, Hardette

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